Custom-made iron furniture manufactured in Spain combining craftsmanship and technology with timeless designs

We are a family business founded in 1998. Ramón and Concha started this family business as a common dream to grow and be inspired by the beauty of everyday life.
20 years later, his daughter Concha, after being involved in Fusta i Ferro since she was little, joined this project with the hope of making it last over time.


We have grown and trained hand in hand with the world of furniture and crafts.

We are attracted to manual work, details and even the small imperfections that come with artisanal work and that make each piece unique.

We seek to offer unique iron furniture, well made and with a special sensitivity for timeless designs.

We are passionate about quality. We pay special attention to detail and believe in the human value behind companies.

That is why our manufacturing is 100% national.

We rely on the know-how of our artisans, relying on the use of new technologies to achieve iron furniture that does not understand fashion or the passage of time.

We want to make furniture for the future without forgetting the past.

We believe that this is the key to achieving durable, coherent and timeless furniture.