Genova iron table

Tax included

Forging table structure. Valid both for interiors and for terrace - garden. Prepared for glass, mosaic or ceramic tops.

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • 140x70x75 cm.
  • 160x80x75 cm.
Choose top
  • without top
  • Crystal 10 mm.
Top sizes
  • Standard
  • Patina
Structure colour
  • Patina 01
    Patina 01
  • Patina 02
    Patina 02
  • Patina 04
    Patina 04
  • Patina 05
    Patina 05
Mosaic finish

Wrought iron structure, with standard or special measures to which we can adapt different types of covers / envelopes: mosaic, ceramic, glass ...

5x5 cm travertine marble stone. and 2x2 cm.

Porcelain tile of 20x20 cm.

Standard-Thermosetting polyester epoxy powder paint.

Patina-Standard color plus manual decoration.


Data sheet

16 mm iron rod. and plates.

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