El Cranc Chiringuito

Summer is just around the corner and from Fusta i Ferro we want to celebrate it with you with a tune-up of the El Cranc Chiringuito.

Our Aranjuez chairs are a classic icon of this restaurant on the Alicante coast of Altea that has been a symbol of the beach bar since it was founded in 1982.

Over the years they have remained and resisted the inclemency of the weather until they became a hallmark of El Cranc Chiringuito that now Pepa, taking the reins of the family business with her brother Vicente, has decided to renew until – who knows if a third generation – decides to continue his legacy.

It is difficult to find a place on the coast that disappoints, the sea views do not need artifice. Seeing yourself surrounded by a careful environment, which nods to the Mediterranean from the chairs to the design of the menu, which takes care of the details, of course has an exquisite service and, above all, treats with special care each product that passes through its Cooking is one of the sensations that most recharges energy.

There is no doubt that the environment alone is a paradise, but feeling cared for in the cuisine at El Cranc Chiringuito is also a joy for the taste buds.

In addition to its location, its values ​​regarding cooking (and everything else) are significantly similar to ours.

Cranc combines the values ​​of craftsmanship, tradition and national product – or production in our case. They value Spanish know-how and support it. This is how they renew the appearance of this beach bar with the name of a crustacean season after season to allow us to enjoy their little paradise while savoring their delicious dishes.

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